One stop shop for all your laundry needs

We specialise in fine dry-cleaning

* Coats
* Suits
* Jackets
* Shirts
* Ties
* Waistcoats
* Pullovers (Wool, Cashmere, Angora)
* Skirts
* Blouses
* Silks
* Dresses
* Evening Gowns
* Communion Dresses
* Christing Gowns
* Sports & Rainwear
* Ski Suits etc
* Work Wear


* Drapes
* Curtains
* Soft Rugs
* Bedspreads

* Quilts
* Duvets
* Sleeping Bags
* Blankets


  Wedding Gowns

In an instant your big day is over but your wedding dress and accessories, if properly preserved, will last forever. We clean and treat each gown individually taking every precaution to protect the delicate embroidery beads and lace during the cleaning process, you can trust us to give very special care to your very special gown.

  We can supply you with a very attractive wedding box that will keep your precious gown carefully stored and protected for years to come. Each acid free box includes a shipping carton, white acid free tissue paper, bust former, poly bag, silica gei, white cotten gloves for handling the gown and a viewing window so you can look at the dress without removing it from the carton